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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dulles to home (really, this time)

May 5

Slept very badly.  The bed and pillows were much harder than I like but at least the sheets were nice.  Woke up every hour or so all night long.  Got up about 8:50 (I had optimistically set the alarm for 9:00).  Since I had virtually nothing with me, it did not take long to get ready.

Down to the lobby about 9:10 and checked out.  The shuttle to the airport was scheduled to leave at 9:30 but there were dozens of people in the lobby.  Luckily they were not waiting for the shuttle and there were only nine of us.

Arrived at the airport at 9:45.  My boarding pass was marked pre-approved so security went quickly.  Had to take the "mobile lounge shuttle" to one of the midfield terminals and arrived at my gate by 10:10.

Watched the planes and saw the little puddlejumper I was taking arrive.  Sat until I saw my suitcases being put on (being bright turquoise they are easy to spot).  The plane was nowhere close to full and many people spread out.  Since I was in the same clothes as yesterday, I felt sorry for the man next to me.

The flight was a grand total of 22 minutes from take-off to landing and a few more minutes for taxiing.  We arrived a few minutes early and my luggage came off the carousel just as I arrived in the baggage claim area.

My friend Carolyn picked me up and took me back to her house where I had left my car.  I was home at 2:30.

Another wonderful adventure is over.  I met some great people and saw some new places that I hope to visit again.

Stay tuned for my next cruise in October.  Four friends and I will be cruising to New England and Canada.

Smooth sailing until next time!

From the selfie camera at the Space Needle

The trolley barricade I described yesterday

The puddlejumper (we walked down the blue ramp on the right and then up the steps built into the plane)

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